A collection of personal photos, musings, and other expressions with a current focus on my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

What a journey! Today I finished the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in exactly six months. Fun stories and copious thank yous coming soon, because I am a bit tired after all that walking.

The “100 Mile Wilderness”? More like the 100 Mile Chill-derness. Chill as in laid back of course. That is the core of my approach to this final section, kick back, relax, and chill. Currently on day 6 of 10 and could not be enjoying myself more.

The town of Monson, ME did not disappoint in being the gateway into the “Hundred Mile Wilderness”. I spent the entire weekend there. On Friday I enjoyed a folk music jam session featuring the Monson Jammers. On Saturday, Rick aka Troll from whiteblaze.net hosted a hiker feed with lunch and dinner, followed by breakfast on Sunday. A full double rainbow appeared after dinner on Saturday, providing a nice omen before my final 114.5 miles and a great symbol of a gateway into the beauty of this section that it have heard so much about. I also reunited with many fellow hikers I haven’t seen since about five months ago. Alright, time to go take a hike!

Sunrise at West Carry Pond in Maine

Sunset over Pierce Pond in Maine

Views from the Bigelow range along the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

The end is drawing nigh…

…and unlike many fellow thru-hikers I have been conversing with, I am not nearly as eager to be done with my trip as they are to be done theirs. I am enjoying this simple lifestyle, and I am not quite ready to rejoin society with all its noise and complexity. Which is why I plan to hike ridiculously low mileage days for the rest of my journey. I plan to summit Mt. Katahdin on September 17th, exactly six months from my starting date (weather providing), and I only have 188.2 miles to go to get there.

People familiar with the final portion of the AT in Maine have been telling me how remarkably beautiful it will be, and they have advised me to carry plenty of food so I can spend more time camping near all the wonderful ponds/lakes/streams along the trail. I will do precisely that! I still have books to read, loons to listen to, mountains to view, ponds to swim in, and people to break bread with. I know I will be excited and quite ready to go home when I reach the end, but for now I am focusing on what lays right before my feet, which is a magical, beautiful trail through the Appalachian Mountains of Maine.

Sunset from Saddleback Mountain in Maine

Spontaneous sunset canoe trip in Maine along the Appalachian Trial with Yote and Chicken Little (not pictured but crucial to the night’s festivities!)

Speck Pond and a view above the clouds from below the summit of Old Speck Mountain

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